FAQ - Fraser Island 3 DAY TOURS

When does the tour return?

Your exact return time depends on tides and conditions on the island and thus may vary to ensure maximum time at each location we visit. As a rule of thumb, we can advise you will return to Freedom Hostel somewhere between 1pm and 5pm.

Where do the tours depart from?

All Fraser Island tours depart from and end at Freedom Hostel Rainbow Beach. You can find the hostel at 18 Spectrum Street, Rainbow Beach.

When do the tours depart?

Departure time depends on tides and conditions on the island and therefore they may vary. It is thus very important all guests attend their safety briefing to ensure they have correct departure information.

What is a Tag Along style tour?

Tag along style tours allow you to get in the drivers seat for part of the tour! Trips are led by an experienced lead driver who will drive a lead car for the entirety of the trip, with up to 4 cars following under their supervision and guidance which are driven by eligible passengers. Throughout the tour, your lead driver will teach guests how to safely navigate the islands tracks and roads through both demonstration and advice over a 2 way radio. This style of tour allows you to take on the challenge of a 4WD adventure with the help and support of an experienced trip leader and 4WDer. Guest drivers must meet strict eligibility criteria (21+ years of age and with a full manual drivers license for at least 1 year) and all guests must attend a comprehenive island and safety briefing prior to departure.

Do I have to attend the safety briefing?

Yes, the safety briefing is required to take part in your Fraser Island tour and is non negotiable. It covers important information on what to expect on the island, including safety and potential emergency situations. For the 3 Day Tour, this is held at 5pm the day prior to tour. All guests are required to attend.

What do I need to bring to my Fraser Island tour?

We recommend to travel light, bring a small backpack/beach bag with your swimwear, towel, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, personal hygiene products and comfortable clothing and footwear (bring a long sleeve for the evenings). We recommend bringing along a waterproof or sand proof bag to keep your camera/iPod/phone in to avoid damage and a refillable water bottle also. Also bring $2 coins for the showers, a sleeping bag (if you don’t have one, you can rent one at the briefing) and a travel size pillow. Please note that large bags can not be taken on tour.

Where can I store my larger bags?

There is free luggage storage available in Rainbow Beach for Dingo's customers which will be explained to you at your safety briefing. If you have valuable items you wish to leave behind, we recommend arranging a locker at Freedom Hostel which will require a small padlock.

Do I need a license to drive on Fraser Island?

Yes. ALL DRIVERS MUST BE 21 or over with a FULL manual license. You must have held this license for a minimum of 1 year and you must have the license with you. If you are travelling from overseas you will need an international drivers license. An international drivers license without the accompanying national license won't be accepted. If you do not meet these requirements you may still travel on the tour but will not be able to drive.

What kind of license do I need?

Both Australian and international licenses are accepted. Must have a hard copy - digital or printed copies will not be accepted.

Are the cars manual or automatic?

The 3 Day Tour features all manual cars.

Is this tour camping?

Yes, the 3 day tour involves camping in a National Park and thus may not suit all people. We ask guests to consider the style of accommodation provided on each tour prior to booking to ensure it matches their needs. Accommodation for the 3 day tour is (basic) camping in dome style tents (sleeps 2 per tent).

Will I have to set up tents on the island?

You will not. We want you to focus on enjoying the island so our campsites are permanent and have been set up for you beforehand.

Are the campsites powered?

Yes. It is important to note though the camp sites are run by solar and generator meaning there are limited charging points available. The cars contain a charging cable for phones also, which can be shared around your group throughout the tour. We recommend to pre-charge all your devices before the tour and to bring a charged powerbank for your phone/iPod if you have one. You can also have power on some of your devices by switching to flight mode before leaving Rainbow Beach.

What are the amenities at the campsites?

Our 3 Day Camp contains: Kitchen / bbq area, common area, hot showers (require a $2 coin), flushing toilets.

Will it be cold?

Although Australia has a reputation for being a hot country, in winter it can and will get quite cold, so it’s also important to bring warm clothes. We also offer sleeping bag hire.

Can I swim in the ocean?

The ocean surrounding Fraser Island can be dangerous and is home to strong riptides as well as sharks and stingrays. It is never safe to swim in the ocean on Fraser Island, but we provide plenty of swiming opportunity in the lakes and creeks.

Are the dingoes really wild?

Although we cover this in the safety briefing, the dingoes really are wild and like most wild animals they are best observed from a distance and are not to be interacted with. We recommend all guests familairise themselves with how to be dingo safe, as advised by QLD Parks and Wildlife.

Is it dangerous to travel on Fraser?

Like most remote places, Fraser Island has the potential to be dangerous. Your safety is our biggest concern and we have put steps in place to ensure you remain as safe as possible. It's important that you listen to all safety instructions provided to you from our staff and in the signs provided on Fraser Island. When it comes to wild animals, in most instances they will leave you alone if they are not disturbed.

Do I need insurance to travel on Fraser?

For the tour there is a compulsory $20 insurance fee. This covers all legitimate damage to the vehicle, which means any damage done so long as you are not engaging in any illegal activities and are following instructions given by your lead driver. As a general rule we always recommend having travel insurance to cover you in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Can we have a campfire at night?

We are one of the only campsites on Fraser Island that can have a fire at night - the perfect way to settle into your island experience!

Can my special dietary requirements be catered for?

Yes! Most dietary requirements can be catered for - vegan, gluten free, wheat or nut allergies, lactose intolerant, we have you covered! If you have complex dietary needs, it is best to speak with our reservations team to discuss options. It's important dietary information is provided at time of booking, or at least 48 hours prior to departure time, so we can arrange adequate catering for your tour.

Is medical assistance available on Fraser Island?

Being a remote location, medical assistance and emergency services may take several hours to reach your location if needed. Emergency services can also be very costly in remote locations. Although we take every precaution possible, it is highly recommended all guests have travel insurance to cover themselves in the event of unforeseen injury or illness. Anyone who has a condition which requires medication should ensure they take adequate supplies for their tour. Guests who have a condition that may become exasperated while on tour, such as asthma, diabetes or a severe allergy, should notify us of this at the time of booking and should notify their lead driver of this along with the location of their medication during the tour.

Can I use a drone on Fraser Island?

You need a licence and a permission from QLD National Parks. Please visit the National Parks website for further details.